The Trip

Who, When & Where


All trips depart and return from NYC. Students are responsible to make their own to and from NYC.


Jewish students currently enrolled in university. Our trip is geared to students with any, or no, background in Jewish education and observance. Click to Apply.


Winter 2017
December 18th - December 25th
Spring 2018

We will choose the dates of the Spring Break trip based on student demand.  Please let us know what dates work for you here.
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Only $499*, including airfare from New York (London for European departures) and all trip costs (food, lodging & trips, minus tips and spending money).

There is a fully refundable $150 security deposit that will be returned once the trip and post-trip survey is completed. Participants are required to have valid travelers insurance and also pay towards tips for the local staff (bus driver, logistics etc). 

Thanks to generous Chabad on Campus donors, we are able to offer this program at this highly reduced cost. The actual cost per person is $2000. We and our students are tremendously grateful for their support, trust, and investment in this project. 


Poland Holocaust Trip Highlights


Warsaw Jewish Cemetery

This cemetery contains some 250,000 graves. It is here that we can begin to appreciate the rich Jewish life that existed in Poland prior to the Holocaust and its subsequent devastation. 

Majdanek Concentration Camp

Tens of thousands of Jews were exterminated here under Operation Reinhard. Despite the efforts of the Nazis to destroy all memory of their heinous crimes, this is one of the best-preserved camps with watchtowers, barracks, gas chambers, crematoria & pile of ashes.


Full Itinerary (sample)

Actual itinerary will vary from trip to trip. 


  • Depart from JFK

Overnight: On Plane


Land at Warsaw Chopin Airport where we will be met by your tour educator, driver & Polish “pilot” (logistics manager).

Our first stop for the day is the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery on Okopowa Street which contains some 250 000 graves. It is here that we can begin to appreciate the rich Jewish life that existed in Poland prior to the Holocaust and we will touch on the life and works of some of the more famous Chasidic Rebbes, Rosh Yeshiva, philosophers, scientists, authors, community leaders and controversial figures.


While most of the Warsaw Ghetto was destroyed by the Nazis, we will see the Ghetto Wall Fragments & try gain an understanding of the impossible conditions in the ghetto and how the human spirit managed at times to rise above the inhumane circumstances. We will visit the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes Monument as well as the Umschlagplatz & Nozyk Synagogue.

Dinner at Kosher Restaurant

Check-in to hotel in time for orientation

Overnight: Warsaw


After breakfast, we will travel to Lublin and tour Yeshivas Chochmei Lublin. While the Nazis murdered many of the students, destroyed the vast library & converted the building to the regional headquarters of the German Military Police, they could not erase the spirit of Torah study for the people of the book. Today, tens of thousands of Jews around the world dedicate much of there formative years and beyond, to the study and the understanding of Torah

concentration-camp-2We will eat lunch in the Yeshiva and then continue to the Majdanek Concentration Camp on the very outskirts of Lublin where tens of thousands of Jews were exterminated under Operation Reinhard. Despite the efforts of the Nazis to destroy all memory of their heinous crimes, this is one of the best-preserved camps with watchtowers, barracks, gas chambers, crematoria & pile of ashes.

After confronting the horror of the Nazi Death Machine we shall make our way to the resting place of Rabbi Elimelech of Lejansk. Rabbi Elimelech (1717-1787) one of the founding Rebbes of the Chassidic movement, is one of the better known Chassidic masters of the previous generations. He lived in a time when the Chassidic movement was sweeping across Europe and played a large role in its growth. Till this day, thousands of Jews from around the world make the pilgrimage to his grave site each year to pray and pay their respects.

We will depart for Rzeszow and check-in to our hotel in time for dinner.

Overnight: Rzeszow


Our first stop of the day is the beautifully restored Lancut Synagogue. Thereafter, we will visit the town of Tarnow where the flourishing Jewish community was decimated by the Germans, in the space of a few short days in June 1942.  One of the few remnants of this once glorious center of Jewish life is the Bimah of the Old Synagogue. While the structure of the synagogue was burned down in 1939, the Bimah was somehow spared & bears silent witness. We will continue to the forest of Zbilatowska Gora where the Jews of Tarnow where murdered & buried in mass graves, including a mass grave of over 800 children.

We will drive to Krakow for dinner and then check-in to our hotel

Overnight: Krakow



We will delve into the illustrious history of Jewish Krakow & visit the cemetery, stopping at the graves of the R’ Moshe Isserles, the famous commentator the Tosfos Yom Tov & hear the story of the Holy Miser of Krakow. Thereafter, we will take a walking tour of Jewish Krakow, the Kazimierz, visiting the Old Synagogue, & the Izaak Synagogue.


We will continue to the Plaszow Camp & to the Krakow Ghetto/ Podgorze, where traces of the Ghetto Wall can still be found. It is here that the Schindler Factory made famous by Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster was located.

We will return to the hotel to prepare for Shabbat, candle-lighting & Shabbat services, followed by dinner.

Overnight: Krakow


We will join the local community for Shabbat Services at the Isaac Synagogue followed by Kiddush.

We will host one of the Righteous Amongst the Nations for lunch and then enjoy a much-needed rest.

There will be an optional walking tour of the Wawel Royal Castle & Old Town followed by mincha, Seuda Shlishit & Maariv. 


We will usher out the Shabbat with the Havdalla service, followed by free time in Krakow Old Town Square.

Overnight: Krakow



We will begin our last day in Poland at Auschwitz I, the original camp that served as the administrative center for the entire complex. We will tour the watchtowers & fences, camp blocks, Wall of Death, Crematory as well as the Arbeit Macht Frei Gate. Thereafter, we will walk to Auschwitz II-Birkenau where the full horror of the extermination of 1.5 million Jews is palpable. 

We will hold a Memorial Service before driving to Krakow airport for return flight back to the USA.